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Steroids are one of the things that the fitness industry is scared of. They have already heard the tonne of things that the illegal steroids can do to one’s body. But still many people have to buy those illegal steroids to look good. But what if there was something that was similarly effective but without the ill consequences. Several products do claim to work as muscle enhancers. But at the end of the day, most of them just add weight to one’s body. So, bodybuilders are often wary of such scams. But a product does exist in the market which is a legal steroid, and it keeps your body away from the bad consequences or side effects. Let us know about it in details.  

What is Crazy Bulk?  

You may not have heard about the company, but it is in the industry from 2004. They sell legal steroid products from their website. The products are made from natural supplements to keep any ill effect at bay. They sell products like the Cutting Stack, the Bulking stack, and the Ultimate Stack. They have kept their prices in a competitive margin and provide full transparency about the products that they use to make the steroids. So, let us know about them a bit more closely.  


The Bulking Stack  

Bulking is often one of the features that people want the most. Many people have an illusion that they will gain muscle just by hitting the gym. But often that isn’t the truth. A strict diet with natural supplements can make the process much easier. So, here are the things present in the bulking stack by Crazy Bulk.  

  • D-Bal is used by Crazy Bulk as an alternative for Dianabol, one of the most famous illegal steroids in the health industry. The main components of this supplement are whey protein concentrate, Isoleucine, Valine, Leucine and Tribulus Terrestris. They are all natural ingredients that help the body to make the muscles. Each capsule has the correct amount of dose that the body needs.  


  • Decaduro works as an added bulking agent to this pack. It is full of things that people already use as supplements in their life. But as a total capsule, they work even better. The things that it contains are the wild yam root, Panax ginseng, L-arginine, L-carnitine and Tribulus Terrestris. Along with being a bulking agent, it also provides required energy to the user.  


  • Trenorol is another alternative that the company uses for trenbolone, a bulking agent. The natural alternative works in a similar way. It helps in keeping the body lean without adding any water weight or fat to it. The main ingredients of this are Beta-sitosterol, Samento inner bark, Nettle leaf extract and Pepsin. Most of these are already use as testosterone enhances on a daily basis. The company has put them in one place to make it easier for the customer.  


  • Testo-Max is introduced by the company to work dually in the person. It helps in bulking and also has fat burning properties. So, while taking these supplements, the person doesn’t need to go crazy on their diet. The active ingredients of this are D-Aspartic acid, Tribulus Terrestris, Panax ginseng, Fenugreek extract. The fenugreek extract also helps in preventing insulin spikes which may lead to fat storage.  


  • Anadrole has been named after one of the most toxic steroids called Anadrol. But the version from Crazy bulk is natural and will have no side effects on the body. This supplement contains Tribulus Terrestris, soy protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, shilajit, and L-carnitine. Shilajit is an ancient Indian herb that helps in increasing the testosterone level of one’s body.  

There are two forms of bulking stacks that one can go for. The four-week stack or the 8-week stack. The 4-week stack can be used by people who are new to bulking. For optimum result, one should always go for the 8-week stack. The pack helps you in bulking up in the desired way without any side effects. You need intake the supplements in the form of capsules. With regular use, changes can be seen in just a month. The supplements are free from extra bulking agents or carbohydrates. This is great as many people like to bulk on a ketogenic or low-carb lifestyle.  


The Cutting Stack

Often many people also like the ripped, lean look especially found in players. A rigorous diet does help, but other than that many people like to invest in supplements as well. This helps people with insulin resistance or a low metabolic rate. It prevents the body from storing the excess fat. So, here are the capsule bottles that come in the cutting stack by Crazy Bulk.  

  • Anavarol is the supplement that the company has chosen to work as an anabolic steroid. Anavar is a popular steroid used by women to gain muscle. But this supplement is natural and made from ingredients such as Soy protein isolate, whey protein isolate, BCAAs, Wild Yam Root and ATP. All of these work together as a good cutting agent of the body. It also helps in maintaining strength when one works out.  


  • Clenbutrol is based on a stimulant that is used by many bodybuilders to get the shredded look. But in this case, we get ingredients such as Garcinia cambogia extract, Citrus aurantium, Guarana extract and Nicotinamide (B3). All of them are great and help in an effective fat loss. They also help in increasing the metabolism and energy of one’s body.  


  • Winsol is named after the popular cutting agent called Winstrol which used to give adverse joint problems to its users. But this particular supplement is made from L-carnitine, Wild yam root, Choline, DMA E and Safflower Oil. This concoction helps in fat burning and also clears the brain. A good brain works in the best way to provide results to our body.  


  • Testo-max is also present in the bulking pack. This is a supplement that enhances the testosterone production capacity of the body. So, along with making lean muscle it also diminishes the extra fat present in the body.  

One can buy the cutting combo and take the supplements regularly to see the results. They would get disheartened. Yes, cutting will take a little more time than usual illegal steroids. That is because the ingredients are all-natural and have no side effects.  


The Strength Stack

One of the negatives of using illegal steroids is that it rots away the strength and energy of your body. So, the Crazy bulk has brought a stack to help bodybuilders in getting the energy. It does contain supplements from the cutting and bulking stack. So, people can skip on it if they are using either of the two stacks. The supplements that you get are:  

  • D-Bal 
  • Testo-Max 
  • Anvarol 
  • Trenorol  

Every instruction is provided with the supplements in the best possible way. Take them everywhere you go and have them on time. This will ensure that the cycle isn’t breaking and you will get the desired result in the stipulated time.  


The Growth Hormone Stack  

The benefit of the Human growth hormone has been known for a while. So, Crazy bulk has introduced a natural product that helps in gaining the things without adverse effects. Their growth hormone stack has 5 supplements. They are:

  • The HGH-X2 supplement helps in increasing the productivity of the growth hormone in the body. It also increases the testosterone production. This helps in growth of the muscles and fat loss easily and healthily. 
  • Decaduro 
  • D-Bal
  • Testo-Max  
  • Clenbuterol  

An 8-week cycle of the growth hormone stack can bring a change in the body. If someone wants to have a little more bulking, then this stack will be perfect for them. It also helps in improving the energy and strength. People who are using the bulking stack should skip on this stack.  


The Ultimate Stack

People who are just starting out with making their bodies better can try out this stack. It has the perfect concoction of products that help the body in growth and fat loss. So, if you are stuck between choosing an option, this can be the way to go. The supplements included in this stack are:  

  • D-Bal
  • Testo-Max 
  • DecaDuro 
  • Trenerol 
  • Clenbutrol 
  • Anadrole 

It works as a two-in-one product for both cutting and bulking. The company says that it is the match made in heaven for any person that wants to look good. Every supplement has to be taken daily and with a good diet. It will be a matter of weeks before people start seeing the results.  


The Gynectrol

Many men gain a lot of weight, and they suffer from male breasts. They look quite bad, and it becomes a self-esteem issue for many. But Crazy Bulk has brought a product that helps in controlling the oestrogen levels of a man’s body. Any amount of exercise wouldn’t be able to compete with the hormones. So, this supplement is mainly made to eradicate the problem from its base. It is made from natural ingredients which boost testosterone in the body and helps in reducing the male breasts. So, here are the ingredients present in the supplement:  


  • Scalerolides is a natural herb that will forbid the production of extra oestrogen in your body. It also leads to increase in the hormone that you need, testosterone. Lipolysis is also a side-effect which helps in melting of the excess fat.  


  • Guggulsterones also help in breaking down the fat cells in the chest area which is mainly adipose tissues. The best thing is that it will also help in reducing your tummy and other flabby areas of the body.  


  • Caffeine increases energy and also helps in losing fat. It is used in its raw form as a supplement by many bodybuilders. It willamplify the metabolism of the body to increase the rate of loss of the male breasts. With the purchase one also gets a free guidebook that helps in enhancing the reduction of Gynaecomastia.  


Facts about the Crazy Bulk products:

  • One of the most asked questions will be about their use of steroids in their products. And the answer is that they do not use any illegal steroids in their products. Their term ‘legal steroid’ stands for the work that the supplements do. They provide you with similar results without having the effects that the illegal steroids often have on your body.


  • The supplementsare provided to you in a capsule form. It is like any other daily supplement that you take. Clear instructions are provided on the packaging about the usage and dosage. Most of them need to be taken daily to see the exact results.  


  • The Food and Drug Association has certified the products. So, it is safe for everyone to take it. But the company does suggest taking it after you turn 18.  


  • Side effects are one of the things that the company hates. So, they used things that are naturally available to us. The dosage needs to be read correctly while using the products. It hasbeen made in a way that it wouldn’t cause trouble when taken in the guided way. 
  • There are no drugs present in the products.


  • It takes about a month to see the results. One must remember that they have to use the product along with a correct diet and workout. Itis meant for people who seriously want to see a change in their body. Taking the supplements along with junk food and a bad lifestyle wouldn’t provide any results.  


  • The productsare designed in a way that they will work for both men and women.  


  • They can only be ordered on their website. But the plus point is that they do ship worldwide. The time varies according to the distance of the country from their warehouse. Everything is packed sturdily to avoid any damages.  


  • The site often runs sale and offers. One of their famousones is the buy two get one free offer.  


Positives of Crazy Bulk Products:  

  • The products are effective on your body. They do take a little more time than the usual steroids,but they do work. The company suggests you use their products for at least 8 weeks. But you can see the results in just a month. Their products give you the results that you expect from them. The product will provide you with gains and cutting. But on top of that, it gives energy to your body.  


  • The products are 100% legal,and FDA has certified them. This proved that Crazy bulk isn’t a scam and they aren’t pushing a bad thing on their customers. They also use natural ingredients in their products. As we have given you a list of ingredients, you can check about their authenticity and benefits.  


  • Side effects aren’t a problem when someone uses Crazy Bulk products. As we said above, they use all-natural ingredients in their products. They have safe directions to use the products. Follow then to get the genuine results.


  • The productsare manufactured with care and dedication. The plastic jars are of food grade, and they are sealed when you get the package. They are produced in legal manufacturing units that have been approved by the company.  


  • The Crazy Bulk Company stands for their testimonials. They provide results along with pictures. We are sure that the men and women that have used it are authentic andwill tell good things about the company. You can go to their website to see the extensive amount of customers that have got results from using the products. Most of their products are rated five stars.  


  • Price is also one of the places where they win in the fitness industry. They have kept an average price,and they often provide discounts and offers on them. This makes it easy on people who not have a tonne of money to spend on supplements.  


  • The product canbe used for men and women. Their site also has a section dedicated to women. There they can know about the products that they need and should purchase.  


Negatives of the products of Crazy Bulk:  

  • The names have been kept similar to that of the anabolic steroids.This can often throw off people who haven’t read about the products much. 
  • Theproducts can take a little bit more time to reach if you are in an international country. Also, they are only available on the website. This creates a problem for people who do not like to shop online.  


In the end, we can say Crazy Bulk is a trusted and legit product.

Click here to visit their official website.

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